Mazark CNC

Pransch introduced industry's most technologically advanced Mazak CNC machine tools. More importantly we have employed and trained talented personnel capable of meeting the high standards we set. We program all of our machine tools off-line using Virtual Gibbs CAD software, which provides consistent output on succeeding runs to keep the quality of our products at a high end.

With reduced lead times and improved accuracy, Mazak machine tools offers us a super-efficient solution for our complex machining requirements.



Test Machine

Pransch creates and uses standardized procedures to keep product quality is consistent. We make sure all employees in the new standardized procedures get trained and retrained. Pransch actively encourage employees to provide feedback during this process to keep the qaulity of Pransch compressors and vacuum pumps a higher level.
Once the manufacturing process is in place, the QC staff carry out inspections to make sure employees are following the standardized procedures. Along with inspecting the manufacturing process, a statistical sample of the finished products will get checked as well to further ensure quality.



Precision Production Line

Pransch's focus is always the consistency and quality of the products. As an authorized supplier to a number of significant US and European brands in automotive, medical and laboratory fields for many years, our quality standards are of the highest order. Due to our continued investment in assembly equipment and working practices, we reduce variation and keep tolerances to a minimum, which definately enhances both the quality and lifetime of our products. Quality and longevity in an OEM product are vital in order to protect your own good reputation, and to keep your costs to a minimum.



Packing Line

Pransch brings more convenience to customers in every delivery order and improves supply chain sustainability and efficiency:
• Customer convenience: With delivery boxes custom fit to each order, customers don’t need to break down oversized boxes and excessive air “pillows.”
• Sustainability: Smart packaging reduces air pillow use by 50% and the average cardboard box size by 16%. This results in an estimated annual carbon footprint reduction of 30,200 tons, equivalent to about 120,000 trees.
• Operational efficiency: Customized box sizes allow more shipments to fit on each line haul and more orders in each delivery truck. In addition, just-in-time packaging reduces costs and warehouse space from storing delivery boxes.

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