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03-28, 2021 rocking piston vacuum pump Class B autoclave Autoclaves sterilizers

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Fractioned Pre Vacuum Air Removal

The Challenge:

For most autoclaves, there is one major thing in common on those porous, hollow, packed loading and fabrics: air is adhered inside these loading and fabrics, which could result in the air pockets that prevent penetration of steam. It's all clear that spores and bacteria can survive at 134°C in air pockets.

The solution:

Fractioned pre-vacuum is able to eliminate air pockets on all loading types and optimize steam penetration to instruments.

How does it work?

A dry piston vacuum pump (PRANSCH piston vacuum pumps PM-V series) exhausts the air out of autoclave loading chamber, and then a pulse of steam is accessed. This procedure is repeated 1 to 4 times(as selected). With cycles of vacuum and pulsing steam the air pockets fade away. After this, air removal is completed for more effective and efficient steam penetration throughout the whole process. The helix tests indicate whether 100% air removal or less.

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Post Vacuum Drying

The Challenge:

Condensation happens while autoclave steam with high temperature comes in contact with the cold loading. Condensation is actually even more serious to packed loading, as moisture could remain in the autoclave chamber when the cycle ends. Moist fraction can't ensure sufficient SAL (Sterility Assurance Level) for the autoclaves.

The Solution:

Post vacuum drying ensures completely drying the hollow or porous loading inside the autoclaves at the end of sterilizing process.  

How does it Work?

Due to combined operation of air exhausting and steam pulsing-in, remained moisture is quickly evaporated from the autoclave loading chamber.The boiling temperature drops significantly because of lower chamber pressure caused by the dry piston vacuum pump and the moisture gets evaporated much faster. As high-temperature steam is being discharged out of the autoclave loading chamber, the materials gets dry. Eventually, dry atmosphere air gets through a bacteria-free filter into the chamber for final procedure of drying and releasing vacuum.

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