Pransch Dry Piston Compressor For Railway Application

01-13, 2022 Railway vehicles Oilless piston compressor smaller auxiliary air compressors

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Reliability is what we're capable of.

Pransch oil-free air compressors bring you more.

Pransch is one of the manufacturers who apply their oil-free air compressors to railway vehicles, and supply different models of air compressor in railway-relevant industries over the world.

From major air compressors to the backing air compressors, we provide full range of options along with the most ideal solution for our customers of railway vehicles as well as systems.

In addition to reliability, our high-class oil-free models and compressed air systems are especially convincing in terms of significant savings in costs of maintenance. Thanks to the project, you can earn a saving of up to 80% over 5-year operation.


Advantages for a glance:

Cost-effective & maintenance-free

l  Savings in costs in terms of oil, filters and waste oil disposal due to oil-free running

l  Low power consumption due to specially-designed motors for rail traffic

l  Maintenance-free operation and ultra-long maintenance intervals as oil level checks and oil changes are not required anymore.

l  Low running costs due to low frequency of spare parts replacement


Reliable & durable

l  Recognized for long life span - even under extreme climate conditions

l  Quiet running thanks to the innovative technology

l  Durable due to high-end materials and design of low-friction

l  No oil vapour created to affect the co-working system


Customized & Eco-friendly

l  Demand-oriented design on the air compressors and systems throughout the product range

l  Oil-free air compressors protect our environment by avoiding oil and oil-filter which have to be dealed as hazardous materials

l  Low footprint and weight due to no need of condensate trap and oil filtration

l  Increased operating comfort thanks to noise and vibration-absorbing devices

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Pransch oil-free air compressors for railway Application:

• Pantograph raising

• Air suspension

• Air brake system

• Sanding system

• Operating the signal horn

• Control of toilet doors and emptying of the toilet bowl

• Wheel flange lubrication


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